About Us

Our mission and purpose is to build a network of professionals and business owners, with the purpose of investing together and in each other, creating business and network opportunities.

AMDG Company Objectives

AMDG’s purpose is to:

  • Invest together
  • Network together
  • Fund businesses (invest in each other)

The investment strategy is a long-term strategy with the aim of creating wealth for all members, through various investment opportunities. To make this a success, long-term commitment is essential.

While an investment and network club is also interested in making a profit, we ultimately recommend that our members focus on the creation of investment and network opportunities. In doing so, members add value and help to grow and strengthen the network through trust, togetherness and long-term vision. We aim to build a strong network that will grow over time and create partnerships and wealth opportunities for all members.

Email us to join us or learn more about AMDG:  info@amdg1896.com Or click here to fill out our contact form.