What is AMDG?

AMDG is an investment and social community. We aim to invest together and in each other, while creating business and network opportunities.

What is AMDG’s long-term vision?

AMDG’s purpose is to:

  • Invest together
  • Network together
  • Fund businesses (invest in each other)

The investment strategy is a long-term strategy with the aim of creating wealth for all members, through various investment opportunities. To make this a success, long-term commitment is essential.

While an investment and network club is also interested in making a profit, we ultimately recommend that our members focus on the creation of investment and network opportunities. In doing so, members add value and help to grow and strengthen the network through trust, togetherness and long-term vision. We aim to build a strong network that will grow over time and create partnerships and wealth opportunities for all members.

What is AMDG’s Investment strategy?

Our investment strategy entails co-investing with other investment funds in multi-million Rand financing of established and investment-ready businesses looking for a capital injection to expand their business operations. We choose to co-invest with guaranteed or asset-backed investment funds that focus on stable returns and low-risk business investments over a short period of time.

What is co-investing?

For AMDG, co-investing entails pooling money with others to invest in multi-million Rand business projects which give good returns; business projects that would otherwise be difficult to invest in as an individual, given the high capital requirements.

What is AMDG investing the money in?

Short-term financing of projects. We are co-investing with other investment funds in multi-million Rand financing of established and investment-ready businesses. Furthermore, we consider our investments significantly more stable than equity investments and also provide returns that are above those of industry standard fixed-interest investments.

Why invest with us?

AMDG is the perfect solution for short-term investment. Whether you’re looking to go on holiday at the end of the year or simply looking to have a safe place to put money away, our co-investment fund will afford you the opportunity to do so.

Will we have meetings?

Yes. Meetings will be held once a quarter, each year.

What are the network benefits?

Investing in each other in the future. Being part of the network allows for further investment in members’ passion projects, small businesses and the like. For example, if you are a caterer you can receive recommendations from well-connected members of the AMDG network, if you need assistance in placement or contracts or lawyers, if stopped by the police or need help with taxes, members in the network can be of assistance.

Have more questions?

For all questions, queries and concerns, please email info@amdg1896.com.