Networking Together

It goes without saying that a professional network is valuable. The majority of us are looking for either networks that can help our businesses to grow or contacts that can advance our corporate careers. Our structures are built in such a way as to intentionally assist all of our members in creating business and network opportunities. Naturally, the strength of the network will also rely on the value you can bring to the table.

Be part of an extensive professional network that can provide you with the right contacts to assist you in advancing your corporate career.

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What we are about


Our professional network looks to assist members with job offers, sales leads or career mentorship and advice. Our platform helps with building authentic relationships, putting people of common interests together. Through us, you will frequent events attended by professionals with similar interests to you.



 Stay connected with our professional network through social events. We believe that social events go a long way in bringing people together through friendly social gatherings and ultimately strengthening the network.  These events motivate members to work together, build effective working relationships and boost cooperation within the network.



Are you looking for a business partner? Are you interested in forming a partnership with another business? Are you on the hunt for new clients? Or would you simply like to introduce your clients to one another? Is it your goal to contribute to the growth of a thriving community? Our network can help you to do one or all of the things listed above. Join our network of seasoned business professionals who will work with you to develop  strategic solutions to your business challenges.


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AMDG Round Table network looks to:

Create A Professional Network
Advance Careers
Provide Business Solutions
Have Fun

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